Advanced Python

Stephen Mutua

Software Engineer at JUMO

This helps you…

  • Interact with APIs
  • Develop systems for data capturing

We’ll do…

  • a little bit of theory
  • a little bit of practice
  • and a bunch of coding

Your pre-requisites are…

  • Basic scripting
  • Exposure to computer programming

Before you attend make sure to…

  • Read up on REST API
  • Download the standard Python setup on your OS
  • Bring a laptop

About the coach

Stephen Mutua

Software Engineer at JUMO

He’s a software developer with several years of hands-on experience with Python, and some UX skills from the few years he tried his hands on web development using Django to create web-based applications. He’s currently one of the software engineers at JUMO, earning a living working with Python-based USSD solutions. Outside class topics, feel free to reach out to him for anything else related to Python and web-based applications