Introduction to Data Visualization

Kenneth Kimathi

Full Stack Developer at JUMO

This helps you…

  • Read a text, CSV & JSON File
  •  Write a script to retrieve data from a URL
  • Create a basic graph using Pydata

We’ll do…

  • A little bit of theory
  • A little bit of practice
  • And a bunch of coding

Your pre-requisites are…

  • Working knowledge of web systems and APIs
  • Scripting knowledge

Before you attend make sure to…

  • Have a laptop
  • Read on REST API
  • Read on JSON data format

About the coach

Kenneth Kimathi

Full Stack Developer at JUMO

He is a full stack developer, who has worked on interesting solutions ranging from democracy games in Nigeria to health wallets in Kenya. In his spare time, he likes to travel if he is not debugging his Arduino and Raspberry pi boards! He currently works at JUMO.
In addition to class materials ask him about…

Developing Finance and Health Systems