Accelerate your career as a data scientist. a ux entrepreneur.

Getting to your best means learning never stops right? Our sprint programs focus on getting you ready for emerging careers. And by the way, ready isn’t just about skills. Brave helps you build a network of leaders and peers in your new profession.
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Know a ton about data science or design? Well then, help us build Africa's future creators at the intersection of science and art. Build a new brand new program or come and deliver something already on the calendar.
Maybe you're a stats guru, a killer coder, or have a magic eye for design? If you're all that, but are new to data, you should join in! After 12 weeks or maybe just 2 you'll be playing a new ball game.
Interested in training up your team or hiring a data scientist of your own? Or maybe you want to have a few data science folks help out for a short sprint? We're here to help, let us know what you're after and we'll do our best to make it happen.

Course Overview

Data Science

Predict anything using machine learning, algorithms and big data.

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Build interactive experiences that deeply resonate why people and make complex technology easy to use.

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Rapidly turn your product into a growing business built to last.

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Brave Academy is blazing the trail on a new model of higher education that actually works. How can we not support that?

Dr. Laila Macharia

Angel Investor and Champion

Africa Digital Media Institute

Join our gobal network to build your career in data science, design and entrepreneurship

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